Lanzarote Villas


Lanzarote enjoys a mild dry climate with average daytime temperatures ranging from about 21°C in January to 29°C in August.

The sea temperature varies between 17°C and 24°C at the surface. Annual rainfall is just 140mm (5.5 inches).

The sun shines for many hours throughout the year, which allows sun worshippers in Playa Blanca (which, being at the extreme south, gets the best of the Island's weather) to enjoy the long white-sand beaches and clear waters. The wind is constant and moderate almost all year, making Lanzarote the perfect year-round destination for yachting, windsurfing, kitesurfing and all other kinds of outdoor sun-loving activities.


Month Centigrade Fahrenheit Sunshine Hours
January 21C 70F 7
February 22C 72F 8
March 23C 73F 8
April 24C 75F 8
May 25C 77F 9
June 26C 78F 11
July 28C 82F 10
August 29C 84F 11
September 28C 82F 8
October 27C 81F 7
November 25C 77F 7
December 23C 73F 7

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